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Blue Flame GB2001 Micro Torch and Attachment - Operating Instructions

  • Familiarize yourself with the parts of your GB2001 Micro Torch before operating it.
  • It should be handled by literate adults, or under constant adult supervision.
  • It is essential that the following operating procedures be read and understood before attempting to light or use the Blue Flame GB2001 Micro Torch.
  • These procedures must be carefully observed in order to promote safe usage.

Igniting and Shutting-Off your Blue Flame GB2001 Micro Torch

  • Remove the protective cap from the trigger and the gas control knob of your GB 2001 Micro Torch.
  • Slowly turn the gas flow control knob to the left (Counter Clock Wise) and the butane gas will start to flow.
  • Push the ignition lever forward and the gas will be ignited electronically with a snapping sound.
  • For shut-off, turn the gas flow control knob to the right (Clock Wise) and close it securely.

Thermal Power and Flame Control of your Blue Flame GB2001 Micro Torch

  • Adjust the thermal power level and the length of the flame to suit usage objectives.
  • The highest temperature attainable will be about 1,300 degrees Celsius.
  • Both the gas control knob and the air control knob can be used to regulate the flame.
  • After ignition, turn the air control knob either to the right or left for necessary thermal power adjustments. Closing the air inlet will produce a low temperature yellow flame, while fully opened the micro torch produces a sharp, high temperature blue flame.
  • After ignition, do not leave the GB2001 Micro Torch burning longer than 1 hour continuously.

Refilling your Blue Flame GB2001 Micro Torch

  • For detailed instruction, refer to our Refilling Section.

Safety and Handling Precautions regarding the Blue Flame GB2001 Micro Torch

  • For a detailed overview of safety, storage and handling instructions, please refer to our Safety & Storage Section.

Working with the SOD-1 Soldering Attachment for the GB2001 micro torch

  • Place the soldering attachment onto the flame nose of the GB2001 Micro Torch.
  • Use the special wrench to tighten the screw. Make sure that the attachment does not move during operation.
  • Open the gas flow knob of the GB2001 Micro Torch
  • Push the ignition plunger and ignite the flame.
  • Heat the catalyst within the attachment for ONLY 5 SECONDS!
  • Close the gas flow to extinguish the flame.
  • Immediately turn open the gas flow again WITHOUT IGNITING THE TORCH.
  • The catalyst will - without a direct flame - maintain a temperature of approximately 350 degrees Celsius to allow low temperature cordless soldering.

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